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Title: Where to buy Notebook?
Post by: Mutant_Guy on November 28, 2019, 10:28:27 am
I'm planning to buy a notebook to edit my X-T20 24MP Raw files and some non intensive everyday work. Although I will not be editing photos or performing high intensive work all the time, my notebook will be running 11-12 hours everyday with low intensive office work. Photo editing is mostly limited to an hour unless I'm doing a project. This may happen once a month or so only in such day I'll edit picture whole day.  I have a IPS display, kb mouse so screen quality, keyboard quality doesn't matter.

My previous system was a desktop with
Core i5-3570k
2x 4gb ddr3
256gb 2.5in SSD + 1TB Hdd
No dedicated GPU

This system was alright for what I'm doing until it failed motherboard after 6 years. While more speed is welcome this level of performance is enough for me. But I'm ok to buy some more performance unit If that can outlast few more years, considering Editing and other software advancements.

Now I'm planning to move notebook (for various reasons) and my main concern is longevity and stability. I live 7 hours away from Colombo thus frequent repair for notebook is difficult.

I have no intend to play games ever. But I might edit small Full HD video once an year. Even that would be basic cut editing for 5 min or so for personal use or behind the scene footage.

My requirements
Budget : 130 - 195K
At-lest 2 years warranty I would pay bit more If it has 3 years warranty (The seller should have reputable after sales service)
Processor pass-mark score : at-least 8000,  it should be Intel (I'd like newer gen processors)
At least 8GB DDR4 Ram (more preferred)
256GB M.2 SSD
At-least 1TB HDD
Genuine Windows 10

Please mention GPU details  as well. I'd like nVidia over AMD, I'm also ok with non dedicated if the price is low accordingly. 

I would also consider mini PC as I already have Display, UPS etc. But in that case the price should be lower than similar performance notebook.

Reputable sellers (with good warranty) are welcome to mention your offerings. Friends can recommend notebooks and place.

Currently Redline is offering 5% discount for all notebooks. I'm attaching two interesting models. Note the pictures are without discount.  I like the asus despite bit over my budget. But it seems they don't have stocks?