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Title: Need help selecting a place to do CCNA certification
Post by: sk on June 07, 2018, 09:28:54 am
hello as im new to cisco i believe i have to start doing the routing and switching certification. please do correct me if i am wrong. i need suggestions of a good place to do CCNA certification. i have checked SLIIT for their routing and switching certification and their course goes for like 1 year and cost around 80k and then there are other places like ESOFT offering the same routing and switching certification but completes in 3 months like period and price is low as 18k.

My questions are:

Are places like esoft giving one of their own certificates with CCNA certified written in it and not the official certificate from cisco?
Are these 2 courses the same? if so why does one take longer time and cost around 4 times more?

It would be great help if u can help me clarify this as i could invest my time on other things if i can finish this certification in like 3 months instead of having to go for an entire year. Thank you