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Title: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 06, 2009, 08:18:35 am
GCCL S2 news will be posted here. Keep checking this thread for the latest news about this seasons matchups.

Updated Feb 20th 2009
Group stage matches are currently being played. Completed and upcoming matchups are shown below.

Current Draw
Semi-finals, 3rd place playoff and Finals

Group Stage standings

Round 1 and 2 concluded 12th February 2009.
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Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 07, 2009, 01:02:43 am
Day 1

The Adrenaline Junkies won the GCCL Season 2 curtain raiser by eliminating the Extroverted Cheezeweasels (which is formed of members from The Untouchable Eccentric Slayers) 16 rounds to 2. This goes a long way for the Adrenaline Junkies as a slow recovery from their previous hacking debacle. AJ is set to play MAC on the 9th of February in their round 2 match.

We saw the old timers One Blood restructure and enter GCCL S2. They consummated their re-entry into the competitive CS scene with a win in the first round, knocking out Repearz with a convincing score of 16 to 2. One Blood moves onto round 2 where they face the mighty McPots who received a walkover from newcomers Matrix Dead. One Blood vs McPot, which is expected to be a close match, will be played on the 10th of Feb.

Two new clans - Reservoir Dogzz and Headhunters faced off in their round 1 match. RD managed to dominate the Headhunters by conceding only 2 rounds to clinch the match 16 - 2. The headhunter are knocked out of GCCL Season 2, and RD will move onto round 2 where they will face Deadly Silent on the 12th Feb.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 07, 2009, 01:21:32 am
Day 2

Day 2 of GCCL Season 2 consisted of one walkover and one disqualification. There are a number of unfortunate situations that a tournament such as GCCL has to face during each season, and these are teams not showing up on time, and players trying to cheat their way through the season. Both of these result in forfeiture or disqualification, which was the fate bestowed uppon two teams today.

New clan jObZ was disqualified when an attempt to play a match with players from outside their team was identified by GCCL admins. This incident pushed Elite Cr3w on to round 2.

Extreme Silent Strikers recieved a walkover when the new clan Game Hunters failed to show up for their match. ESS move onto round 2 where they will face Elite Cr3w. This round 2 match will be the first match of GCCL for both teams since the two proceeded thanks to forfeitures.

The only match played today was between Max II and Contrabanded. We have a writeup by Archangel who refereed the match:

Tonight we witnessed Contrabanded, a seasoned clan go up against newcomers Max II. Both teams had exceptionally good players making the result of this match quite unpredictable.

The Knife round started with both teams rushing head on to each other. CB was consequently wiped out, allowing Max II to choose CT for the first half.

Unfazed by their loss in the Knife round, CB immediately pushed to A. Max II, unfortunately had an awkward start and were quickly over run. They gradually overcame their confusion however, and began to show their true skill as they caught up in rounds.

The following rounds were all extremely close. CB showed off some impressive strategies and it was obvious that they have honed their communication skills over the months. Max II appeared to be having some trouble in the beginning, but adapted well over the next few rounds and managed to push back CB's onslaughts.

The First Half ended with the score being 9 to CB and 6 to Max II

It appeared at this point that CB would grab the win. However, Max II had some of their own strats to present. Each strat was pulled off effectively and it was clear that, like CB, Max II were extremely well coordinated. Unfortunately, CB did not seem to be able to play CT as well as they did Terror, managing only to attain one round in the Second Half.

The Second Half ended with Max II reaching 16 rounds won, leaving CB with just 10.

Max II moves onto round 2 after knocking out veterans Contrabanded. Max II will face the young team [FD] Toukon of clan Falsus Divertimento.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 07, 2009, 09:24:24 pm
Day 3

Day three of GCCL Season 2 saw two more walkovers. The first two rounds of GCCL have come to be known as the "noob filters"; the stage where non-serious teams are eliminated so that serious teams can take part in some competitive matches without having to face buzzkill walkovers.

Round 1 has another two days of matches left until we move onto Round 2. Here's hoping we get to see some good matches in the coming days.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 10, 2009, 12:59:12 am
Day 4

The noob filter rounds were running at maximum efficiency with day 4 of GCCL having another three walkovers. This pushed team Reikan of Falsus Divertimento, Max Legends and Coffin Crammers onto round 2 where each will play Cyber Terras, Max Legends and Coffin Crammers respectively.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 10, 2009, 01:07:12 am
Day 5

More work for the noob filter as another three teams were eliminated without a single match being played. Aqueous and Blood Money moved onto round 2 when their oponents failed to show up. Team Ferrari also moved onto round 2 after their opponents, team As-P3rAdo3s, were disqualified for using cheats. It is astonishing that players still even attempt this kind of illegal activity. We wonder how low your IQ would have to be to think you could cheat in a Counter Strike 1.6 tounament and get away with it.

Round 2 matches:
Aqueous vs Ferrari
Blood Money vs [FD] Eien
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 10, 2009, 01:13:20 am
Day 6

The first stage of GCCL ended today with the last of the Round 1 matches being played. We have a writeup courtsey Archangel:

[FD] EieN Vs. Deadly Silent 2
Team EieN, which is one of three teams from the newly formed Falsus Divertimento, faced off against team two of the clan Deadly Silent. DS2 played decently, despite the unfortunate fact that one of their players constantly "lagged out" EieN won the match in the end, with a score of 16-0. [FD] EieN advances to the next round where they will battle Blood Money on the 12th.

determinato Vs. !nfecteD
The newly formed clan Determinato comprised of veteran players faced up against the well known !nfecteD who had equally skilled players. !nfecteD played strongly, putting up a valiant effort but were ultimately over run by Determinato who won the match. The end score was 16-1. Determinato and Determination will battle
on the 12th to find out just whose clan has more determination.

The first match of Round 2 was between Adrenaline Junkies and MAC.

MAC Vs. Adrenaline Junkies
The newly formed MAC faced off against the Adrenaline Junkies. It was a quick match however, as MAC have had little experience in matches, whilst AJ are fairly knowledgable in this aspect of CS. The match ends wit the score 16-0. Adrenaline Junkies become the first clan to enter the Group stages where they await the rest of the clans to advance through round 2.

Upcoming matches (10th Feb 2009)
one blood vs McPots
Max II vs [FD] Toukon
Elite Cr3w vs ESS
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 10, 2009, 11:01:33 pm
Day 7

Round 2 is well under way with three more teams completing their matches today and moving onto the group stages.

[FD] Toukon vs Max II
Team Toukon from Falsus Divertimento faced Max II early on in the day which ended up being relatively close. The match could have gone either way at different stages of the game. We have Moded from team Toukon with a summary of the match from his point of view:

"The match began after a slight delay, adding onto the mounting pressure on both sides. Ours more so, because of our inexperience in playing alongside each other. The match began well, with Toukon taking control of the first few rounds, after losing the knife and being forced into T side. After Max II got their game going, it was very hard to break into the sites without clumping together and miscommunicating.  The terrorists played very well, moving together and holding us for the rest of the round, eventually leading the score to be 9-6 to Max II after a slump in our camp. CT was more favourable to us, and we managed to put our  team together. Along with excellent calling by ‘manutd’ (Atif) and brilliant ramp play by ‘BPN’ and ‘Human_Slayer’, Lion Kolla showed exceptional individual skill to bring ensure that Max II did not win more than one round while attacking. Players to be commended on Max II were ‘Flicker’, with his quick skill with the awp, and smart play by ‘Soul Reaver’. Overall, a successful match from the tournament’s point of view especially alongside the numerous walkovers. Hoping our new team will do well, and GG to Max II"

Elite Cr3w vs Extreme Silent Strikers
Elite Cr3w quite convincingly silenced the Extreme Silent Strikers with a score of 16 - 1 on de_nuke. ESS was out played on every level by the Elite Cr3w boys, and there was no doubt who was going to move onto the group stages at the end of play. ESS showed great dedication when they had to move cafes just to take part in this match - so here's hoping they will not be discouraged by this seasons defeat and will come back stronger next season.

McPot vs One Blood
A very dissapointing outcome for a match that would have probably been one of the best of Round 2 - team McPort failed to show up and therefore gave the match to One Blood on a silver platter. McPot was touted as one of the contendors for the GCCL championship.

Toukon, Elite Cr3w and One Blood move onto the group stages where they will be divided into Groups A and B.

Upcoming matches (11th Feb 2009)
[FD] Reikan vs [Cyber Terras]
Coffin Crammers vs Max LGNDZ
Aqueous vs Ferrari
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 12, 2009, 10:41:08 pm
Day 8

We had two walkovers and one very short match on day 8. Team Reikan and the Coffin Crammers went through to the group stage without having to play a match since their opponents failed to show. Ferrari wiped the floor with youngsters Aqueous getting a score of 16 - 0.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 13, 2009, 12:37:40 am
Day 9

Today we had 6 good teams battle it out for a place in the group stages.

Deadly Silent vs Reservior Dogzzz
Team A of Deadly Silent took on the Reservior Dogzzz who have proved to be a talented clan during past matches. The score at the end of the day showed 16 - 6 to RD. Reservior Dogzzz move onto the group stages where they have been pitted against team of group A - Toukon, Eien, Ferrari and Adrenaline Junkies.

Blood Money vs [FD] Eien
Eien of Falsus Divertimento faced Blood Money in their second match of season 2. This match gave Spoon of [FD] Eien a chance to play his first match in the season as Virus was unable to play todays match. Eien was able to beat Blood Money convincingly thanks to teamwork and their superior strat calling by national Team Liquid player Kingokowz. Match ended with 16 - 2 on the scoreboard. Eien joins Reservior Dogzzz in the group stages of this season. Goodluck to Blood money at next season!

Determinato vs Determination
Competitive heavyweights Determinato faced newcomers Determination today. The match started off with both teams on equal footing and Determination winning a few rounds. Determinato managed to silence the momentum by winning a few fast rounds early on. Determination failed to recover from this set back, with the first half ending with a score of 13 - 2 to Determinato. Determination managed to push back only one more match before the match ended 16 - 3. Determination showed some good strats on the map, which they might have been able to pull off succesfully with other teams. However Determinato are experienced players and it showed in their gameplay. Determinato consists of veterans such as xxxazianxxx who have been trained by Zkhr in the past.

The noob filter rounds of GCCL are over and it's on to the group stages! We can expect to see some fierce competition as the best clans in Sri Lanka face each other to make it into the semi-finals. The top two teams from each group will be moving onto the next round.

Group A
[FD] Toukon
[FD] Eien
Reservior Dogzzz
Adrenaline Junkies

Group B
[FD] Reikan
Coffin Crammers
Elite Cr3w
one blood
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 14, 2009, 05:49:44 pm
Day 10

The Group Stages started last night with 3 impressive matches! 6 teams, each equally determined to win, show cased all the skills and tactics they have picked up over the months of training in last nights epic string of battles.

[FD] EieN Vs. Reservoir Dogzz

EieN and RD, two clans who have both proven themselves to be competent clans played each other in their first match of the Group Stages. Both fairly new teams, this match was expected to be quite interesting and it did not disappoint one bit.

The Veto round resulted in de_inferno being chosen and EieN opted to head in to Terrorists whilst RD went into Counter Terrorists. It was a comfortable start for EieN as they managed to win a couple of rounds. RD however, quickly recovered and began pushing back with increasing zeal. The first half ended with a close score of RD 8 and Eien 7.

The second half witnessed impressive teamwork by RD who, with their well coordinated attacks, rushed into EieN. EieN put up a strong fight but were ultimately over run and the second half ended with the score being RD 8 and EieN 4.

Final Score:  Reservoir Dogzz wins 16:11.

Ferrari vs [FD] Toukon

[FD] Toukon took on veteran Ferrari in a match that was expected to be finished relatively quickly for Ferrari. Toukon however was not willing to go down without a fight and stood their ground in an impressive display of defiance. Ferrari, although they were a bit suprised, were not daunted in the slightest and ultimately defeated Toukon with a score of 16:4.

On3Blood vs Elit3 Cr3w

On3Blood and Elit3 Cr3w, neither of whom have seen many matches, were both eager to show that they have what it takes to compete in this tournament.EC who previously had scored an impressive 16:1 in their match against Extreme Silent Strikers, seemed unprepared for the onslaught that On3Blood brought about last night and the resulting score was 16:1 for On3Blood.

The current standings: Ferrari, Reservoir Dogzz and On3Blood tied for 3 points apiece.

Upcoming Matches (14/02/09): [FD] Reikan Vs. Coffin Crammers @ 8pm
                       On3Blood Vs. Determinato @ 8pm

([FD] EieN Vs. [FD] Toukon is postponed to a date yet to be confirmed)
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 14, 2009, 11:38:35 pm
Day 11

Unfortunately, out of the three scheduled matches, only one was able to occur which was Coffin Crammers Vs. [FD] Reikan. 

On3Blood Vs. Determinato is rescheduled to the 17th. [FD] EieN Vs. [FD] Toukon is yet to find a suitable date to hold their match.

However, the community was very much satisfied with the remaining match. Coffin Crammers, comprised of old timers such as Pain Killer and Ranger faced off against Reikan who were dying to show what they could do, having been denied all matches so far because of walkovers.

[FD] Reikan Vs. Coffin Crammers
The match began with Reikan winning the Knife Round. After the Veto rounds were completed, de_nuke was the map left standing. Reikan decided to attempt Counter Terrorists, leaving CC to take up Terrorists.

The Pistol Round saw CC leading a very Spartan rush straight to Ramp. Reikan however, had a secured a very strong defensive location, giving a glimpse of the level of teamwork they had built up.

This became more and more apparent as Reikan continued to coordinate extremely well and manage to not only locate good spots, but also hold each one effectively. Further evidence of Reikans training was witnessed as they displayed impressive knowledge of different "spam spots"

CC appeared to be slightly surprised by this. The first few rounds were very awkward as they attempted to breach Reikans defenses. After losing a few rounds however, CC regained their composure and the battle really picked up, with a few well thought out strats being implemented in CC.

The First Half ended with a score of Reikan: 11 and CC: 4

The Second Half let us witness the tricks Reikan had up its sleeve and they quickly overran CC who attempted to hold the line, closely succeeding a few times causing the resulting final score to be Reikan 16, CC 6.

Day Two of the Group Stages are complete. Reikan joins Ferrari, RD and On3Blood in the 3 point tie.

Upcoming Matches (15/02/09)
         :Reservoir Dogzz Vs. Adrenaline Junkies - 8pm
         :[FD] Reikan Vs. Determinato - 8pm
         :On3Blood Vs. Coffin Crammers - 8pm
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 16, 2009, 07:57:07 pm
Day 12

Once again unfortunate circumstances forced two matches to be postponed to later dates:

*Determinato Vs. [FD] Reikan - 20/02/09
*Coffin Crammers Vs. On3Blood - To Be Confirmed

However, the community was eager to witness how the rapidly rising Reservoir Dogzz would fare off against fairly experienced Adrenaline Junkies. Some were surprised at the result, some weren't, but all agreed that it was a very interesting match.

Reservoir Dogzz Vs. Adrenaline Junkies
Catching the GLK community off gaurd, Reservoir Dogzz have proven themselves to be a very competent clan and faced Adrenaline Junkies, who were confident but cautious. The Veto rounds resulted in Dust2, a map every clan is familiar with and thus a map that is hard to "own" in. Nevertheless, RD managed to maintain their winning streak, defeating AJ with a score of 16:7.

Day Three of the Group Stages is complete. Reservoir Dogzz are now in the lead with 6 points.

Upcoming Matches (16/02/09)
                     [FD] Toukon Vs. Reservoir Dogzz - 6pm
                     Ferrari Vs. Adrenaline Junkies - 8pm
                     [FD] Reikan Vs. On3Blood - 9pm
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 17, 2009, 06:11:47 pm
Day 13

[FD] Toukon Vs. Reservoir Dogzz
Many wondered whether this would be the match where Reservoir Dogzz streak finally ends, but this was not to be. RD once more show cased their teamwork in implementing creative strats which offset [FD] Toukons defenses, causing them to be subsequently defeated. The Final Score was 16-2 to RD.

Reservoir Dogzz increase their score to 9 points.

Ferrari Vs. Adrenaline Junkies
A rather uneventful match and it went pretty much as expected with Ferrari rolling over AJ.

Ferrar Wins with a score of: 16-0

On3Blood Vs. [FD] Reikan
The final match of the day was easily the best match in the history of GCCL. The first match to ever go into Overtime, On3Blood and Reikan certainly put on one heck of a show for the community.

*Sp(O.o)n subbed in for Rogue.

The Knife Round resulted in On3Blood winning. De_inferno was the last map standing in the Veto and On3Blood opted to head into Counter Terrorists.

A rather awkward start for On3Blood who seemed uncoordinated in holding back Reikan. Reikan used a delicate mix of all out rushes and slower, sneakier strats. They quickly grabbed a couple of victories. However, On3Blood regained their composure and displayed commendable Bomb Site holding skills, managing to hold back Reikan off. The comfortable start that Reikan held soon turned into disarray as On3Blood rapidly secured more rounds, bringing the score to 8:7 (OB/FD)

The second half surprisingly mirrored the first half at the start. On3Blood now as Terrorists, again showed a lack of proper teamwork and once more Reikan grabbed the first few rounds. It was at this point however, that people began to wonder whether the apparent lack of coordination by On3Blood was just misdirection and done so deliberately. Almost as if they were trying to lure Reikan into a false sense of confidence. In a surprising turn of events, On3Blood continuously show cased well thought out strats and well coordinated teamwork. The intensity of the match really picked up here as both teams pushed themselves to the limits, trying to defeat the other.

After a few minutes of fast-paced, intense action, the second half ended with an amazing score of 15:15 - causing the first ever Overtime in GCCL history.

The Overtime was decided to be a match of "First to 4". It was exciting, but not nearly as much as the previous halves, and it resulted in On3Blood securing their victory with a score of 4 to 1.

Overall, On3Blood Vs. [FD] Reikan was easily the closet and definitely the most intense match witnessed so far in this tournament

Day Four of the Group Stages is complete.

Reservoir Dogz are still in the lead, now with 9 points.

On3Blood ties in Second Place with Ferrari, whom both have 6 points.

Upcoming Matches (17/02/09)
                    [FD] Toukon Vs. Adrenaline Junkies
                    [FD] EieN Vs. Ferrari
                    [FD] Reikan Vs. Elite Cr3w

Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 19, 2009, 10:42:30 am
Day 14

Day 14 consisted of two matches and a walkover.

Adrenaline Junkies failed to show up on time for their [FD] Toukon match, which gave them a nasty -1 point on the board; the only team in Group A to have less than 0 points.

[FD] Eien vs Ferrari
Ferrari continued their winning streak by steam rolling over Eien with a 16 nil score. The score may come as a surprise to some since FDs less experienced counterparts, team Toukon, managed to pull back 4 rounds against the CS giants.

[FD] Reikan Vs. Elite Cr3w
Reikan came back strong against Elite Cr3w by silencing them convincingly with a score of 16 - 2. Team Reikan, who were one of the favorites of Group B were upset by One Blood the day before when Reikans key player and strat caller, [FD] Rogue, had power difficulties and was unable to play the match. This put Reikan in a tough spot, with them needing to win all remaining matches in Group B to catch up in points with One Blood.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 19, 2009, 11:03:30 am
Day 15

15 days into GCCL and the semis are getting closer. Two matches were played, and one walkover was given today.

Elite Cr3w failed to show up for their match against the Coffin Crammers, earning them -1 points. This failed to upset any predicted results since CC were expected to win against EC either way, and the fact that EC has now mathematically been eliminated from the tournament with 3 losses. CC gained 3 points from the walkover which put them into a race between One Blood and Reikan. CCs match against One Blood would decide on whether CC, OB and Reikan will tie for a place in the semis, or whether One Blood will move with only 1 loss.

Ferrari Vs. Reservior Dogzz
The top two teams of Group A faced off in their 4th and final match each, but it failed to live upto spectators expectations as Ferrari convincingly beat RD with a score of 16 - 2. Ferrari and RD have sealed their places in the GCCL semi finals on the 21st of February regardless of what todays match worked out to be - Ferrari with 4 out of 4 wins, and RD getting 3 out of 4 wins.

One Blood Vs. Coffin Crammers
Easily the best match of the day - and the match that would decide the fate of the three teams vying for a place at the semis. A win for Coffin Crammers would put Reikan, One Blood and Coffin Crammers with equal points, in which case the winning team would be calculated by rounds won during group matches.

de_nuke was the chosen map and One Blood opted for CT. CC played a strong first few rounds as Terror, with swift and decisive strats being put into play. After 3 rounds were added to CCs score, OB managed to pull back a few rounds in their favor with some quick bomb interceptions. The first half ended with a nail biting score of 8 - 7 to Coffin Crammers. CC were not as effective on CT as they were with the bomb. They slowed down considerably and let OB move ahead a few rounds. 12 - 10 on the board and the match could go either way - precision is paramount, and that is what CC lacked under pressure. A few easy bomb defusals were missed owing to bad team work, and that saw OB move onto clinche the game 16 - 12.

What does this mean for the other teams? CCs chances for the semis are dashed with 2 losses. One Blood have played all four of their matches, and won 3 putting them in first place in the points standings at the moment. Reikan have 1 loss and 2 wins - if they are to have a chance at the semis, they have no choice but to win their match against Determinato on the 20th. If Reikan manage to pull off a win, Determinato, One Blood and Reikan will be tied for a spot at the semi finals.

Group B is definitely heating up now with a lot resting on how Reikan performs in their matches.

Upcoming matches (19/02/09)
Determinato vs Elite Cr3w
AJ vs [FD] Eien
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 19, 2009, 10:26:31 pm
Day 16

Two games were scheduled for today - [FD] Eien vs Adrenaline Junkies and Elite Cr3w vs Determinato. Elite Cr3w failed to show up for their match thus giving Determinato a walkover.

[FD] Eien vs Adrenaline Junkies
This was the last match of GCCL for both teams since they don't have the required points to move onto the semi finals. The knife round went to Eien who chose to play Terrorists. Veto choice resulted in de_dust2 as the map of choice. AJ started the game with a bang, foiling two bomb site A rushes by Eien and bagging 2 rounds. That was as far as Eien let the AJ kids go. Subsequent rounds had only a handful of close shootouts as Eien charged ahead. Archangel from team Eien had this to say:

"Going into the match, I along with the rest of EieN, were eager to get back in the groove after the disappointing performance against Ferrari. And AJ are known for being a competent team so I was hoping for a good match.

Started out that way which pleased me - although also got me a bit worried ^_^. Heh, Spoons incident with the "robbers" was amusing, although it did get the guys a bit on the edge too! But we got past it and the match really picked up as we settled down and began worknig our way through the rounds.

Unfortunately, half way through the match, a member of AJ suddenly disappeared after a very confusing message. Naturally EieN got a bit annoyed to say the least but there was nothing we could do. We asked AJ if they would like to continue which they agreed to, despite the missing player. That was a very respective move by AJ for which Im grateful for.

Overall, the match wasnt what it could have been which was disappointing, but we were pleased nonetheless at our victory."

Eien won the match 16 - 2.

Group A matches have been completed and as predicted, Ferrari and Reservior Dogzz have moved onto the semis. Team A1 will play Team B2, and Team A2 will play Team B1 in the semi finals to be held on the 21st Feb.

We have the Group B match [FD] Reikan vs Determinato tomorrow that will either put OB, Determinato and Reikan in a tie position, or push Determinato and One Blood into the semis. This is ofcourse assuming Determinato will win their match against the Coffin Crammers.

Both semi finals will be held on Saturday the 21st February, and the finals on Sunday the 22nd.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Rav on February 22, 2009, 05:32:13 am
Day 17

Friday the 20th brought an end to the group stages of GCCL season 2. Determinato played the Coffin Crammers in the final group B match. Determinato beat CC losing only 1 round, making the score 16 - 1. The Reikan vs Determinato match was not played due to the terror attack fiasco. Later Reikan conceded a walkover since the two teams were not able to set a suitable date for the match.

Determinato and One Blood move on to the semi-finals.

The semi-finalists are Determinato, One Blood, Ferrari and Reservior Dogzz.

Determinato will play Reservior Dogzz and Ferrari will face One Blood in their semi-final matches.

The semi-finals, 3rd place playoff and the grand finals have been pushed one week back (,3849.0.html) due to the current situation in the country; the dates are as follows -

GCCL Semi-Finals
Reservior Dogzz vs Determinato - Friday 27th February 2009 at 6.00 PM
One Blood vs Ferrari - Friday 27th February 2009 at 8 PM

Third Place Playoff
Saturday 28th February 2009 at 6.00pm

GCCL Grand Finals
Saturday 28th February 2009 at 8.00pm

Check back here next week.
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 27, 2009, 05:39:37 pm

As the match between Determinato and Reservoir Dogz draws nearer, we take a moment to talk to both leaders and learn of their opinions on this season of GCCL.

FBI of Reservoir Dogz

1) What are your opinions on this season of GCCL?
GLK is doing a great job by organizing GCCL. It helps many clans and gamers to show their skills out. So keep it up GLK   (Y)

2) Were you surprised at which teams managed to make it into the Semi Finals?
Yea a bit. We thought that clans like Mcpots and FD had a chance to the semis.
But unfortunately it was our season.

3) How did you and your team prepare for GCCL?
We always get together twice a week and play as a team.We always watch demos and steal some good stats.   ;D

4) What expectations do you hold of your match against Determinato?
Determinato is a good clan all knows that. But we are practicing harder and we will give a good game for Determinato.

5) What advice can you give to the teams that did not make it this time?
Try again and again. Practice as a team. Get together at one place as many time as you all can. Watch demos of your clan matches and see what are the mistakes did you all make and try to get right next time.   :)

Dark Youth of Determinato

1.) While you were in the US, did you participate in any tournaments?   

 Not really no. I had 6 months of doing nothing so I spent most of my time on the PC   practicing CS with friends and would just scrim at night now and then on a friend's  server. During the last month of my stay I would be just constantly scrimming with  people getting all the practice I could. Overall that helped me become a better team player which is key in competitive CS.

2.) If so, what ideas/suggestions do you have to help improve future seasons of GCCL?

    Since I have not participated in any tournaments over there I would just suggest that a proper anti-cheat client be used in future online tournaments. Well it's a suggestion  :D

3.) What are your opinions on this season of GCCL?

    As far as this season goes I must say everything was well organized and had a pretty decent response and participation from the gaming community. Overall credit goes to GLK and LCGZ not forgetting the admins that organized and made this tournament  possible. (Other than the walkovers and LTTE Attacks, Damn those b*****ds xD)

Good Work  :D.

4.) Were you surprised at which teams managed to make it into the Semi Finals?

    Definitely a shocker seeing RD the underdog team in this tournament making it so far in this tournament is surprising. Ferrari was expected and One Blood played well all along and deserved to be in this stage of the tournament. Well as for determinato, no comment xD.

5.) How did you and your team prepare for GCCL?

    Even though we had our own server to practice on at any time (Thank You Dilshan!!! <3 Azian xD) we mostly spent time practicing late at night when our coach Pubudu 'zhkR' Gunasekara would get online every single night after he gets home from school in the afternoon (Time Difference xD) and would help us practice and get better at this game. We owe a lot to him for he spends so much time helping us and we appreciate it alot. We would practice almost every night with Pubudu which would pay off for us in the end. I would also like to thank my team mates Roshan 'Mombu$$$$$$$' Perera, Thilina 'xTAz' ****yawasam, Dilshan 'xxazianxx' Navin and Mohammed "SpawN" Safran for all the support and dedication they put towards this team.

We Team Determinato would like to thank Pubudu for all his help and for him never giving up on us and always pushing us to play better. Thank You!!! <3 Budu...

6.) What expectations do you hold of your match against Reservoir Dogzz?

    Well we expect to have a good match with RD as they have been performing well in this tournament and we will give our very best to win. Good Luck...

7.) What advice can you give to the teams that did not make it this time?

I am not that great to give advice to others xD...But just practice and don't give up.
Don't listen to what others tell you. They all want you to fail so they can succeed.
Prove them wrong. If you really want something go get it xD...

Great advice from both teams :) On behalf of the GLK community, we wish Reservoir Dogz and Determinato Good Luck and Good Hunting in tonight's match!
Title: Re: GCCL S2 updates
Post by: Archangel on February 27, 2009, 07:35:40 pm

As the match between On3 Blood and Ferrari draws nearer, we take a moment to talk to both leaders and learn of their opinions on this season of GCCL.

Rasty of On3 Blood

1) What are your opinions on this season of GCCL?
GCCL S2 is our first tournament! It is well organized although it would have been better if we could have semis and finals in LAN situation.

2) Were you surprised at which teams managed to make it into the Semi Finals?
Well, actually I am not surprised about my team and I am really happy about it. The determination we had clearly payed off :) Never heard of RD before so I was interested about their performance. Ferrari and Determinato - no surprises there :)

3) How did you and your team prepare for GCCL?

As I mentioned earlier this is the first tournament that we are participating in as a clan and we only 2 matches before the GCCL S2. But I think the our players are skilled, learn fast, following orders and have the team spirit.
We started practice a day before the first match in GCCL ;D

First what we did was found some good demos and planned how we should play.
And we played some matches with some good clans like Determinato, Ferrari and CC..
And our fried Zhkr helped us a lot, and he is a very good teacher, and I would like to take this chance to thank him.
Anyhow, we didnít have much time to practice, most of the time we practice the map two three hours before the match..hehe.  ;D
Believe it, [FD] Reikan is the first match we played in de_inferno map.

Apart of training the team my major concern was building the confidence in the team members.
It was very hard. But I think I could do it, and now the team is in very high moral.

4) What expectations do you hold of your match against Ferrari?

Ferrari is obviously a good team with national level  players, but we still think that we also can do something.
So we hope and we want to give them a good fight.
Hope this wold be a nice game..  ;D

5) What advice can you give to the teams that did not make it this time?
Stick to the plans. Calling is more important than taking frags!

Mario (Holy Crusade) of Ferrari

1) What are your opinions on this season of GCCL?

GCCL this time was I think pretty well organized.. Most matches started on time.. and we had lots of people watching the matches and the Sri Lankan gaming community was very interested to know what happened in the matches with many of them posting on GLK immediately after matchesÖ During a few matches I think HTLV stopped working
suddenly if this could be made I think next GCCL will be even more better

2) Were you surprised at which teams managed to make it into the Semi Finals?

Yes  I think this seasonís surprise package is easily RD, many people expected FD Eien to make it considering as they had an ex liquid player and a current team liquid player in their ranks.. However RD seems very organized and have played well to reach so far.. I think Determinato as everyone expected came to the semis

On3 Blood is another good team and many people thought second place would be greatly fought between them and Reikan with one blood just edging them..
3) How did you and your team prepare for GCCL?

Well actually we hadnít practiced at all, just our usual pugs on GLK, Ferrari is just a clan so we aren't taking GCCL so seriously .. No practice sessions as such

4) What expectations do you hold of your match against Determinato?

I think if we play to our potential we can beat them, but they are a team with great potential, i really havent seen them practicing as a team but when i saw them playing the match against FD Reikan i was surprised to see their great teamwork.However CS is unpredictable!

5) What advice can you give to the teams that did not make it this time?

Practice makes perfect. Practice harder for next time..

Great advice from both teams  :) On behalf of the GLK community, we wish Ferrari and On3 Blood Good Luck and Good Hunting in tonight's match!