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Title: GCDL S10 Match 104: PnX|The Kade.MSI vs x3 | Vicious & Delicious
Post by: R_L on February 27, 2016, 11:54:33 am

TEAM NAME: PnX|The Kade.MSI      
Check the team listing at (

TEAM NAME: x3 | Vicious & Delicious      
TEAM TAG:   -v[D]^
Check the team listing at (

Time : 08:00 p.m.
Date : 27th February 2016 (Saturday)
Format : Best of 5

Assigned Referees : TBA*

Both teams are expected to be in one of the DOTA 2 rooms on the Gamer.LK Public TeamSpeak 3 Server ( 15 minutes prior to match start. It is COMPULSORY for all teams to be on TeamSpeak and any team failing to comply will forfeit their match automatically.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

GCDL Tournament Rules (,29201.0.html) | GCDL Season 10 Draw & Schedule (,30746.0.html) | GCDL Season 10 Team Profiles (,30750.0.html) | GLK Referee List (

* Assigned referees can change. Please refer to the Schedule for the up-to-date information.

**SPECIAL: GCDL Season 10 Match Replay Download Page (,30783.0.html)
Title: Re: GCDL S10 Match 104: PnX|The Kade.MSI vs x3 | Vicious & Delicious
Post by: R_L on February 27, 2016, 07:01:54 pm
We caught up with Viren "Hawkie" Dias, team captain of The Kade to find out what they feel going into the finals of GCDL Season 10!

1. What are your thoughts about going into the finals unbeaten?
Well, I hope we remain unbeaten. We're just going to follow our usual formula of not underestimating our opponents, picking our comfort heroes, and not Dooming Forge Spirits, and hopefully we will come out on top. The 1-0 winner bracket advantage is a big boost to our confidence.

2. Do you consider VD to be a considerable opponent?
Whilst I feel that they are a slightly weaker VD than what we witnessed at SLCG, they are definitely a strong team. They are all experienced players with solo MMRs in the high 4ks / low 5ks. Ruven especially has been practicing hard since his return to DotA a few months ago. All in all, I think it all comes down to the draft, especially so in this meta, and I believe Ruven always has a well thought out draft (no pressure bro)!

3. Who in your team is the weaker link?
Miri. Hands down. Have you seen him playing Razor? His build is circlet > boots > bottle (optional) > bracer (luxury). I've even removed back workouts from my gym regiment since I get plenty of it whilst carrying him, ask Heshan - the guy doesn't even go to the gym anymore because of it! I might even get a job as a garbage collector since I have so much experience carrying trash.

4. Any other comments, shoutouts, etc.
Shout out to all the GCDL admins - I know I always give you guys a hard time, but I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put in, expecting nothing in return. Shout out to PnX and all the fans of fine tea.
Title: Re: GCDL S10 Match 104: PnX|The Kade.MSI vs x3 | Vicious & Delicious
Post by: R_L on February 27, 2016, 07:09:15 pm
We talked to Ruven “Kingdom of Death” Weerasinghe, from x3 | Vicious & Delicious to find out their preparations as they head to the finals of GCDL Season 10!

So VD made it to the finals, what are your team's thoughts? What do you think about your opponents, Kade today?
We feel confident about our encounter with The Kade today they are the best team out there right now but we made a lot of mistakes against them last time if we are able to rectify those mistakes we will be able to put up a better opposition.

Any other comments, shoutouts, etc
Shoutouts to all the puppeys  ;) out there and all our supporters! and our rockstar players who couldn't join us this for this tournament because of exams or work mom and shinza. I hope we make a very entertaining finals for all the viewers