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Title: Scrims
Post by: Deathfromabove on June 04, 2014, 08:08:49 pm
Welcome to our scrims board. This is the section dedicated for team scrims, clan wars. Anyone willing to challenge us must first post on this thread saying "my clan wants to scrim your team in _______ game.". And then pm me with ur team/clan name
no of members playing
game you want to scrim
time and date
contact number/facebook id

Do this properly and i will contact you asap.


ALL games will be played on our servers. And at the time of playing the servers will be locked

Game modes will be snd,ctf and domination. PROMOD rules and official eSports rules. No aimbots, wallhacks, lvl mods. Cheaters will be blacklisted and banned from our servers

No c4s,claymores, rpgs and killstreaks.

DDOS attacks will be counted as cheating.

We will not play on modded servers.


All matches will be played on pw protected private servers

standard rules

Our members will be using teamspeak while playing. You too are encouraged to do so

Any clans interested. Just follow the rules. And a prior notice should be given

cheers :3
Title: Re: Scrims
Post by: [IIG]Hyper on December 29, 2014, 03:02:38 pm
Title: Re: Scrims
Post by: Shadow Returns on December 30, 2014, 10:01:12 am

DDOS attacks will be counted as cheating.

Heh ? How would you know that the losing team is the one DDOSing? Since your IP will be leaked or already known it could be anyone trying to dick around.

Few years ago DDOS was something that was considered an act that only the elite could do. But in this day and age anyone with googling skills and persistence can find the resources to do it.

Now I'm not saying someone WILL DDOS your server but only once you can find the source of a supposed DDOS coming from somewhere affiliated to the other team could you say they were cheating,

But i seriously doubt that a cod 4 team will have any resources to track such attacks and let alone even link them, in which case you could just be assuming it was the other team, which is unfair.   
Title: Re: Scrims
Post by: [IIG]DJSHYLOW on December 31, 2014, 09:34:56 am
Ignore this thread :3

who da hell are u to know that u are getting ddos

Itz probably cus they are looking to the ranks on gametracker.
if u do not add your server to public the servers are safe..

i mean private servers
Title: Re: Scrims
Post by: peace on December 31, 2014, 06:58:01 pm
lol what.....who the hell goes through all this trouble for a scrim.....
u just login to xfire, find a scrim, play it.
if they are hacking\ddosing\whateverlowshittheydo u just change the password and find another scrim lol  :P  (Y)