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Inter-University eSports Championship 2018

The Inter-University eSports Championship is a tournament open exclusively to teams and players from public and private Universities throughout Sri Lanka.

21 – 22 April

Mercantile eSports Championship 2018

The national Mercantile eSports Championship, organized by Gamer.LK, is a tournament that is open exclusively to the teams and players from registered businesses/organizations in Sri Lanka.

21 – 22 July

Inter-School eSports Championship 2018

The Inter-School eSports Championship, the national Schools eSports event, is a tournament open exclusively to teams and players from public and private Schools throughout the country.

22 – 23 September

Comic Expo 2018

The Comic Expo brings together pop-culture enthusiasts, comic book fans, collectors, artists, directors, producers, singers and songwriters to celebrate Sri Lankan geek culture. The Expo also plays host to Sri Lanka’s largest Cosplay competition.

8 – 9 December

Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’18

The Sri Lanka Cyber Games eSports Championship is Sri Lanka’s largest eSports and Video Gaming tournament. Celebrating it’s 10th year, SLCG played host to 15 video-game titles last year, with over 3,000 participants taking part.

7 – 9 December

Play Expo 2018

Play Expo is a new pioneering Digital Entertainment exhibition that aims at breathing life into the games, media, innovation and social landscape in Sri Lanka. With a focus on modern entertainment, Play Expo includes eSports, cosplay, geek activities and stalls featuring innovation, technology, hardware, software and connectivity – all components that come together to cater to digital entertainment consumers in Sri Lanka.

7 – 9 December

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