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Today at 11:43:30 am
I understand the ways of RAM usage, you do too. Please don't confuse it with VRAM; there's no use for most programs to store graphical models/textures in the background anyway. :P


Today at 11:42:29 am
VRAM is not for programs, that's RAM. In new games, next to graphical settings there is a VRAM indicator, and the newer games require above 6GB for certain kinds of settings to remain turned on.


Today at 11:21:57 am
People need to understand how memory works. If you have more, any program will use more than it needs to. So if you have 8GB and you see a program using 6GB, that's not an indication of the program needing 6GB to run.


Today at 11:18:33 am
A RX 480 4GB doesn't seem to have issues with a 2k screen, so no ::)


Today at 11:11:35 am
It's actually "the future today", games are requiring higher amounts of RAM, the big famous ones anyways... :P

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Author Topic: Gamer.LK Ranked | Counter Strike: Global Offensive Competitive Rules  (Read 938 times)

The following are the game-specific rules for Gamer.LK Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ranked tournaments. These rules must be followed in conjunction with the General Competitive Rules of Gamer.LK Ranked Tournaments.

The General Competitive Rules can be found here. The general rules listed there apply to all gaming titles and all teams/players who register for any Gamer.LK Ranked Competitive tournament are expected to follow them.


The tournament bracket used (single elimination/double elimination/group stage) will be decided by the Organizer and announced on the Tournament Announcement posted on Gamer.LK. The Organizers will make every effort to have a Best of 3 semi-finals and finals but depending on time constraints this may change at the discretion of the Organizers. The Gamer.LK Ranking system will be used for the purpose of seeding to make the draws as and when needed. No other ranking will be considered.


All teams and players are encouraged to join the Sri Lanka Counter Strike Community Facebook group to stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding the game and the local community.


3.1. - By submitting a registration for a Gamer.LK Ranked Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament, all teams and players acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules set herein and especially with the decisions made by the Gamer.LK Staff.

3.2. - All competitors are expected to know and understand all the rules described here. Not knowing that a rule existed or that it was in place will not be considered as an acceptable reason for breaking said rule.

3.3. - All teams are kindly requested to remove any profanities or obscene language from their team names. (eg: Teams with names such as Team F***s, H***tho Gangsiya, Kiss my A**, etc will not be allowed to register.)


4.1. - Team Size
4.1.1. - A Team has to consist of at least five players.
4.1.2. - Upto TWO substitute players can also be registered for each team.
4.1.3. - Each player can be registered and can subsequently play for only one team during the tournament.
4.1.4. - Teams can make changes to their rosters only before their first match in any tournament. The rule about Stand-ins at LAN tournaments may overrule this clause.

4.2. - Substitutions
4.2.1. - The substitute player/s must be registered with the team prior to the tournament starting.
4.2.2. - Use of a substitute player must be informed to the Gamer.LK Staff well before the start of the scheduled match.
4.2.3. - The use of non-registered, suspended, or otherwise ineligible players in a match is not allowed under any circumstances.
4.2.4. - Doing so will result in a suspension or extended suspension of the individual in question, suspension of relevant team management, and may result in match overturn.

4.3. - Stand-ins
4.3.1. - By definition, a Stand-in here refers to a player who hasn't been registered to a team on the registration form but wants to play for a team after registrations close/matches commence.
4.3.2. - At LAN tournaments, the use of a stand­-in is allowed but they have to be presented and registered at the Registration Desk before they are used.
4.3.3. - The use of a stand­-in in online tournaments is strictly prohibited and is grounds for disqualification.
4.3.4. - This applies to account sharing as well. The Steam account that was used during registration should be the only one used for playing.
4.4.5. - In LAN tournaments which have qualifiers (such as SLCG), no player that played in any other team at any qualifier that was completed can be used as a stand-in.


5.1. - Both teams scheduled to play at a certain time should be present online on Steam and on TeamSpeak at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

5.2. - If by 15 minutes past the scheduled match start time a team doesn’t have enough players to play, the match will be deemed a walkover to the team that is present with its full roster.

5.3. - In a best of 3 or 5 games match, a maximum delay of 10 minutes in between matches will be allowed.

5.4. - Regarding the scheduling of online matches, matches can be played on all days of the week (including public, bank. mercantile holidays, etc) and will be scheduled beforehand and announced on a "Draw/Schedule" thread on Gamer.LK. Scheduling will be done at the discretion of Gamer.LK Staff.

5.5. - Gamer.LK and any Organizers will make every effort to inform the teams of scheduled match dates and times – but please note it is the responsibility of the teams to check their game time and date. Gamer.LK or any Organizer will not be responsible to inform matches to teams. Not attending a match due to not being informed of the schedule is NOT an excuse.


6.1. - Use of Public Chat
Gamer.LK Ranked Counter Strike Global Offensive tournaments will be streamed live via Source TV, Twitch, etc. As such, public chat can only be used by the team captains and/or Tournament Staff regarding game pauses, disconnections, etc. Team members are allowed to greet each other at the start and end of the match on public chat (i.e: GGWP, GLHF, etc) but should avoid using it during a match. No foul language is allowed on public chat and doing so can get the team disqualified from the match after the first warning.


7.1. - Configurations/Start Parameters
The following commands are forbidden:
– mat_hdr_enabled
The following startparameters are forbidden:
– +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
– +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2
All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give an unfair edge or advantage comparable to cheating. A player may be penalized for wrong settings in any config file, regardless if it is in use, or even stored in the game folder in question.
Wrong settings will be penalized with a warning to the player and team. If three or more players have wrong settings or the same player is caught on multiple occasions infringing this rule, the team will get a default loss and the player in question will be penalized at the discretion of the Tournament Staff. Tournament Staff may under special circumstances decide on a default loss, even if less than three players have wrong settings.

7.2. - Abuses & Exploitation
Exploiting game or map bugs/glitches/flaws (“exploits”) for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage is prohibited. Exploits that are not specifically named here are still prohibited but will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Gamer.LK Staff reserve the right to decide what will be deemed as an exploit or abuse.

7.3. - Forbidden Scripts
In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle, demo & jumpthrow scripts.
– Stop shoot scripts [Use or AWP scripts]
– Center view scripts
– Turn scripts [180° or similar]
– No recoil scripts
– Burst fire scripts
– Rate changers (Lag scripts)
– FPS scripts
– Anti flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)
– Bunnyhop scripts
– Stop sound scripts
If you are not sure if a script is allowed or not, then contact the Tournament Staff before you play an official match. A player may be penalized for forbidden scripts in any config file, regardless if it is in use, or even stored in the game folder in question.
Forbidden scripts will be penalized with a warning to the player and team. If three or more players have wrong settings or the same player is caught on multiple occasions infringing this rule, the team will get a default loss and the player in question will be penalized at the discretion of the Tournament Staff.
Tournament Staff may under special circumstances decide on a default loss, even if less than three players have wrong settings.

7.4. - A3D
The use of A3D (2.0) or any program, driver or interface that simulates A3D (2.0) is strictly forbidden, and will be penalized.

7.5. - Graphics Drivers or Similar Tools
Any modification or changing of the game using external graphics solutions or other 3rd party programs are strictly prohibited and may be punished under the cheating paragraph Furthermore it’s forbidden to use all kinds of overlays which will show the usage rate of the system in any way
in-game (e.g. Nvidia SLI display, Rivatuner Overlay). Overlays which will show only the frames per second (FPS) are not forbidden and can be used.

7.6. - Color Depth
Every player must play with the highest color setting in Counter-Strike (32 bit); if the player is playing in windowed mode then the desktop must also be on 32bit setting.

7.7. - Custom Data
Only steam skins are allowed to be changed, any other changes to sprites, skins, score boards, crosshairs are strictly disallowed, also only the official models are allowed.

7.8. - Impersonations
Impersonating an eligible player by attempting to alias as them, using their Steam account or by any other method is prohibited and will result in the aliasing player and the player they are aliasing as being removed from the tournament. The Tournament Staff will have access to player IP addresses and other information to monitor accounts and players.

7.9. - In-game names
Each team member must have his/her primary nickname or something very similar as his steam name during all matches to be easily identifiable for referees, broadcasters, and viewers. What counts as similar is for the Gamer.LK Staff to decide. The only additional information allowed in a player’s in­game name is clan tags or sponsor names. Team members are kindly requested to limit the use of profanity on in-game names/aliases as this degrades the value of the team and the tournament as well.


8.1. - Match Servers
All match servers will be hosted by Gamer.LK and the necessary details will be provided before each match to the teams by Gamer.LK Staff. Under no circumstance should players join a server created by anyone else to play a match.

8.2. - Map Pool
The official map pool includes the following maps:
– Train
– Inferno
– Mirage
– Cache
– Overpass
– Cobblestone
– Nuke

8.3. - Round Time
The round time will be set at 01:55 minutes.

8.4. - Bomb Timer
The bomb timer will be set at 0:40 seconds.

8.5. - Deathcam
Deathcam will be set to immediate.

8.6. - Server Settings
All servers will be provided and designated by Gamer.LK for Gamer.LK Ranked CS:GO tournaments. They will have the official settings loaded as well as the mappool installed. Additional to that the server must have the following settings.
– VAC enabled
– sv_pure 1
No additional plug-ins are allowed to be installed on the server, especially gameplay mods such as metamod are not allowed. 


9.1. - Competition Method
5 vs. 5 (Team Play, 5 players)

9.2. - Dropping of Player (Disconnects)
If a player drops (disconnects) before the first kill in the first round of a half, then the half will be restarted. If a player drops after the first kill has been made and has not returned when the round
has been decided, then the match will be paused at the end of the round/start of the next round. If the player has not returned, or cannot be replaced within 10 minutes after the pause has started, then the team with the dropped player may forfeit the match at the discretion of the Tournament Staff. 

9.3. - Determining the Better Seed
– The “better seed” has the choice about who starts in the map-veto/pick process.
– For online tournaments, the “better seed” means the team mentioned first on the match page or bracket list posted. For example: if a match is between Team A vs Team B, Team A will be considered the higher seed.
– In LAN matches, coin tosses will be used to determine the “better seed”.

9.4. - Choosing Playing Sides on PCs - LAN Tournaments Only
No side will be favoured when choosing the playing PCs and a coin toss will have to be done before each match to decide which team takes which set of PCs.   

9.5. - Dropping of Player (Disconnects)
Public chat can only be used by the team captains and/or Tournament Staff regarding game pauses, disconnections, etc. Team members are allowed to greet each other at the start and end of the match on public chat (i.e: GGWP, GLHF, etc) but should avoid using it during a match. No foul language is allowed on public chat and doing so can get the team disqualified from the match after the first warning.   

9.6. - Starting Games Shorthanded
A team CANNOT START a game shorthanded. Both teams should necessarily have 5 players and there can be no games with 4 players on either site. Any team with players missing after the grace time provided will be considered as having forfeited the match.   

9.7. - Overtime
In case of a draw after all 30 rounds have been played, an overtime will be played with mp_maxrounds 6 and mp_startmoney 10000. For the start of the overtime teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on, during half-time sites will be swapped. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found.   

9.8. - Storage of Match Media
The server demos will be saved by Gamer.LK. All players must record point of view demos of the entire match. Demos can be requested at any time by a Tournament Staff (Gamer.LK CS:GO Referees) After requesting a demo, the player in question has time until 24 hours after the scheduled match time to upload his demos. Failure to provide a demo upon request can lead to disqualification from the tournament or similar penalties.   

9.9. - Strategic Pauses
In the interest of promoting CS:GO in Sri Lanka, TWO strategic pauses per match is allowed for each team. They should inform the Tournament Staff and the match can be paused ONLY as the freezetime commences. Anyone pausing besides this will be penalized.     

9.10. - Usage of Pause
If a player has a problem that prevents him from playing on, he is allowed to use the pause function. The pause function has to be used at the beginning of the next round (during the freeze time). The player has to announce the reason before or immediately after he paused the match. If no reason is given, the opponent may unpause the game and continue playing. Unpausing or pausing the game without any reason will lead to a warning and subsequent infringes may even result in a match overturn.     

9.11. - Forced Disconnects (Dropping)
No player can “disconnect” or “drop” by their own volition once the match begins. They may test all settings, etc during the warmup time only. In the event of lag, the match should be paused
according to the rules above and then the matter should be forwarded to the Tournament Staff. Any manual disconnection without speaking to the Tournament Staff will result in an immediate overturn of the match. Tournament Staff will override this rule where applicable.     

9.12. - Match Interruptions & Crashes, Bugs
If a match is interrupted (e.g. server crash) within the first three rounds of play, then the match should be restarted, if the match is interrupted after the first three rounds of play then the match should be continued where it left off, with these changes in the configuration.
– mp_startmoney should be set to 5000 for the rest of the half
– The rest of the rounds that have not been played should be played.


The intentional use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game will be penalized. Furthermore, it is up to the Tournament Staff’s (Gamer.LK CS:GO Referees) discretion whether or not the use of said bugs had an effect on the match, and whether or not he will award rounds, or the match to the opposing team, or to force a rematch. In extreme cases, the penalty for abusing bugs may be even higher.
The usage of the following bugs is strictly forbidden, if any bug is used which is not listed here it is up to the Tournament Staff’s (Gamer.LK CS:GO Referees) discretion whether or not a punishment is necessary.

11.1. - Warm-Up Map Check - - LAN Tournaments Only
Bugs on load have to be checked before the match starts (missing boxes, ladders and so on). Failure to do so, and to let the match start, will mean that both teams have accepted the state the map is in, and the match will be continued under these settings. Protests and complaints regarding such issues will not be adhered to.

11.2. - During the Match
– Moving through any walls, or ceilings, are strictly forbidden, also moving through the floor, or anywhere else which were not intended to be a passage is strictly forbidden.
– Silent planting is strictly forbidden (planting the bomb in such a way that no one can hear the beeping)
– To plant the bomb where it is impossible to reach is disallowed. Planting the bomb in a place that you can reach with a boost from a teammate is not part of this rule. – Standing on top of teammates is generally allowed, it is only forbidden, when such actions allow the player to peek over a wall, or ceiling that should not be allowed according to map design.
– Using flash bugs are strictly forbidden.
– Throwing grenades under walls are forbidden, although throwing grenades and flashes over walls are allowed.
– “map swimming“ or “floating“ is forbidden
– “Pixel walking“ is forbidden (Sitting, or standing on invisible edges on the map).

11.3. - General
Generally, the use of any bugs in the game is strictly forbidden. (For example: spawn bugs). An exception are the following bugs which are explicitly allowed:
– Defusing the bomb through walls and items etc.
– So called “surfing” on tubes – So called “fireboost”
The tournament directions reserves the right, also retroactively, to add more bugs to the list of explicitly allowed bugs.   

11.4. - New Positions
If any player or team wants to use a new position which is unknown to anyone else or just known to a small part of the community, it’s strongly recommended to contact Tournament Staff to check if that position is allowed before using it in any official match. Players and teams have to consider that it takes time to check new positions and therefore they have to contact Tournament Staff in a reasonable timeframe before an official match.


10.1. - It is compulsory that all teams use the Gamer.LK Public TeamSpeak 3 Server accessible at for communication.

10.2. - Specific channels for the tournament will be available during the period of this tournament. Players connecting should have their nicknames matching their Steam usernames (profile names) as submitted on the registration. Please note that this will be compulsory for ALL teams regardless of skill level or team rank.

10.3. - Please be informed that no exceptions to this rule can be made to anyone and by registering all players and teams agree to this beforehand.

10.4. - Any team unable to have their full team on TeamSpeak might be penalized and the match may be awarded to the opponents.

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