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Today at 02:39:50 pm
there is 6months between each phone
just buy s8+ if u can now


Today at 01:14:12 pm
Offended? For real? lol ok. Why would I even? Just forget it.

I asked a legitimate question and if you don't have a proper answer why u even care? You said something completely irrelevant to the question that I asked. Why you like that? Nothing better to do?


Today at 01:01:31 pm
hahaha offended somebody today, feelsgoodman.

This was ultimately going to turn out into an android vs. IOS debate, just wanted to start it off with a satirical point, why are people so butthurt?


Today at 12:50:05 pm
If you can't be serious why do u even bother? This is not the first time either. If you don't have a answer just don't f***ing reply ffs


Today at 12:27:57 pm
king solomon will assemble you a better phone for 1/3 of the price. PM him.
If the included charger burns out he will blame it on your house wiring so don't show him your house.

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Author Topic: GCWL S9 Match 49: [email protected] vs Walkers  (Read 125 times)

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[email protected]
Leader   : cota
Player 2 : Hai
Player 3 : Bai
Player 4 : sama
Player 5 : kaluwa
Substitute : lak

Leader   : KaluMalli
Player 2 : Thare
Player 3 : PsychO
Player 4 : Jetwing
Player 5 : BumBle'Bee
Substitute : Puwa

Time :FEB 20 at 08.00PM

Refrees : Max Ghost, TM MIDAS


Both teams are expected to be in Gamer.LK Public TeamSpeak 3 Server ( 15 minutes prior to match start. It is COMPULSORY for all teams to be on TeamSpeak and any team failing to comply will forfeit their match automatically.