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Author Topic: SLCG ’16 is Here and the Competition is Real!  (Read 2119 times)

SLCG ’16 is Here and the Competition is Real!
« on: December 08, 2016, 10:51:25 pm »
Guns loaded, items bought, engines started, and the game is on! The bells are ringing but it’s not for Christmas, it’s for the season we have been waiting for the entire year. The biggest gaming event of the year is finally here and everyone is lock-and-loaded to face all challenges to win the ultimate prize!

Sri Lanka Cyber Games has always been the grandest battlefield for all competitive gamers in Sri Lanka. As of today, there are eight eSports clans looking strong to compete and emerge victorious as the best in the country in eight competitive games.

Right before the action starts, we asked the leaders of all the top clans in Sri Lanka about how prepared they are to take on SLCG this year. They were energetic. They were solid to the point. This is what they had to say:

How do you see this year's SLCG as a challenge compared to previous years?

Phoenix GaminG:
Every SLCG has been a challenge compared to previous ones. This year, with new titles to play for and increased regions there is so much to look out for. The young new talents entering the gaming scene, new regions getting to shine in the main stage and experienced veterans showcasing their skills. The challenge is higher than ever compared to any gaming events that has happened in our country.

Xiphos eSports:
Every year SLCG is getting bigger and better with that the Challenge is increasing.  As Sri Lanka’s 1st Formed Clan we are proud to take part in SLCG 2016 and ready for the challenge.

n00b Alliance:
nA has always been a top contender in many titles, mainly focusing on Call of Duty 4. But this year there are multiple teams for COD4 but many more teams participating for DOTA2 and LoL from around the island. As a clan we are ready to face any challenge with renewed firepower and momentum like never before.

Tech Morph:
Last year, we have witnessed the biggest e-sport event Sri Lanka have seen so far and we have high hopes that this time, it will be even more. Making a name at this event is every gamer’s dream as the competition keeps on growing. When you thought a game is dead, SLCG registrations surprised everybody by making it the most participated title. We wish to thank GLK crew for their dedication to make an event of this scale a reality. Good luck to all.

Maximum eSports:
Well, every year the competition keeps getting better so of course this year will be the hardest SLCG yet. Most teams are far better than they were in previous years and the most prepared teams will definitely make it far.

Wolfgang eSports:
Compared with last few years every team who is competing this year has a huge challenge. Because we have 100 + teams this year competing in the SLCG and every team has it's own unique way of playing. It doesn't matter that you're playing a 1st round match or a semi final match when it comes to Call of Duty everybody has to give their 100% in order to move forward and win every match they play. Because end of the day one small mistake is enough to mess up a match. It's good to see the veterans coming back to the scene with their own teams, It gives every team who is competing this year a big challenge to face these giants in the gaming scene. We hope that everyone will have fun and good games this year and Good Luck guys!

Immortal Inferno Gamers eSports:
This time more people will take part according to intel, so the bigger the challenge with the new talent.

Animus eSports:
Yes of course. We can see many teams have concerned about this year's SLCG than previous years and we could see them practicing hard. Therefore there'll be a huge challenge for every clan. So this year's SLCG will be much more interesting and we are counting on that.

How prepared is your clan and where do you think your clan stands compared to others?

Phoenix GaminG:
To be the ultimate winner in SLCG, it’s not something you can work over night. Throughout the year, we have been encouraging and prepping our members for this event. In addition to that, we also have made necessary roster changes for teams and new recruitment.
Every clans are going to do their best and win titles, but we believe we will be right there giving them a good competition and try to secure the titles for us.

Xiphos eSports:
As a clan, we have been preparing for SLCG 2016 from the beginning of 2016 and we think we are well prepared this year. new players along with long standing players will be in action this year, Looking forward to giving some solid competition.

n00b Alliance:
Hours of practice and many tournaments prior to SLCG have helped us build confidence and play as a unit with absolute synergy. nA is considered a top threat by many clans and we hope that this year we stand a far greater chance of achieving victory than previous SLCGs.

Tech Morph:
We have lots of young and energetic newcomers this year and they have found themselves at home in Tech-Morph. TeamSpeak server is crowded as ever, people doing their level best to bring glory to Tech-Morph. Unlike previous years, we are giving more attention to the Single Player titles where we expect to meet tough competition.

Maximum eSports:
Our primary game has always been Call of Duty 4 and this year we have quite a decent chance of going far in the tournament. We have a somewhat new roster compared to previous years so it will all come down to preparation.

Wolfgang eSports:
As a clan we have been in the gaming scene for more than 4 years now. Early days we only had a handful of members representing our clan, but this year we have around 120 members and we'll be participating in every competitive title that SLCG16 offers. When we compare Wolfgang e-Sports with other clans out there in the scene we tend to maintain a good "family" like bond in all of us and we act as one no matter what the situation is. Even though 4 years in the gaming scene is not a lot, we have seen new clans get formed every year but they last only for a few months and they get disbanded due to internal issues and drama. Especially because of unwanted "Ego" that they create themselves for no reason. As a clan admin I'm more than honored to be a part of Wolfgang eSports because i see a big future in the clan and it'll grow stronger in the coming years.

Immortal Inferno Gamers eSports:
Well we have been training our guys to perform well with less mistakes, so will see how it goes.

Animus eSports:
In 2015 our clan have participated for few events held in Sri Lanka, and we were able to take good places in events. Our players do their best for our clan as they are practicing daily for the improve their skills. Our clan was in the 6th place according the 2015 ranking. We are hoping do our best in year to lead our clan to No 1 in Sri Lanka. In order to reach that GOAL our TEAM have well prepared with HEAVY ARMED players With maximum confidence for every game that we play. Animus eSports will be a huge challenge for every team that participating for SLCG 2k16.

What do you hope to win at this year's SLCG and National eSports Awards?

Phoenix GaminG:
Like every other clan, we want to win every title. If we can’t, then we go down trying. We have always performed well in SLCG. We would love to surpass our last year performance but with the competition being so challenging it is always going to be very difficult.
Winning the best clan award for 2 consecutive years, we would want to repeat it and secure the 3rd one. That would be the perfect way to end the year for us.
Good Luck to all clan members and individuals that are participating. Let the games, begin.

Xiphos eSports:
We believe every clan's target is to win many titles as possible, we don’t like to predict anything at the moment, but we will definitely give our 100% as a clan for every game title that we participate.

n00b Alliance:
Our main target is to take the COD4 title home, this has been our aspiration for many years. Apart from this, the new teams in other games as well as console games hope to perform and surprise many favorites from other clans.

Tech Morph:
As usual, the priority will go to the main event – Call of Duty 4 title. Our Kandy SLCG winners; TM.420.GHLK will be there along with GetnAiled winners; TM.EnvyUs. Ever energetic Tech-Morph Youngsters TM.zU , TM.Lunaticz etc. as well as the veterans TM.iPwn will be there gunning for the title as well.
We have big hope with the title – Project Cars, as our speedster duo Knight and Shaza will be there fighting to cross the checkered line.
Tech-Morph’s Merlin and Penaldo is prepping for the FIFA Glory while TM. MYMC the League team, will eye the League of Legends title. Teams Tec9 , Syndicate, Junsion Boys etc. will focus on CS:GO title.
And there will be quite a many teams like Wolfpack, Peroxide, Below Zero, Rising Tide etc. for DOTA 2 this time from TM. Last but not least, TM. AB will pull some ‘dramatic’ fights for the throne as his team target DOTA 2 title and will surely give any team a good run for their money.
With our drastic growth and participation compared to our previous years we hope to add the Best Clan Award 2016 into our collection along with the Best Plyer Award for Call of Duty 4.
As it has been seen through the past few SLCGs, the Green Army will continue to spread its dominance.

Maximum eSports:
Like every SLCG we are hoping to win the Call of Duty 4 title. As for the National eSports Awards we are not expecting to win anything this year as we are undergoing many changes in our clan.

Wolfgang eSports:
For this year currently we are targeting the "Call of Duty 4" and few Single Player titles. This year we're not targeting any eSports Awards because we're planning for 2017 to do something big for the community and get nominated for the SLCG17 eSports awards. And we wish everyone good luck and good games!

Immortal Inferno Gamers eSports:
Target is best clan award.

Animus eSports:
Our main targets are Call Of Duty 4 , League of Legends and DOTA 2.Our players have well trained for these events. So we are hoping to Do our best in these events to take the Championship. We are hoping crown our clan As the Best Clan in Sri Lanka.

The clans responded very positively and humbly about themselves and their motives. We see many conflicting motives among the clans that would surely be in the favor of our entertainment. Don’t miss out the excitement! SLCG is happening from tomorrow onward! Be there and witness the best of Lankan eSports action!

By: Binura de Zoysa

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Re: SLCG ’16 is Here and the Competition is Real!
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