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king solomon

Today at 07:44:53 am
it's about local customers, what i provide for them, it's not about what i write on net. idiot.

what i do here does not represent 1% of my business. ;D

king solomon

Today at 07:43:34 am
with right conditions and servicing a second hand PC can service more than 5 years, even without a swapping a single component. there are lot of them i sold still working even after 5 years, But the the owners take care of them like babies. most of the re  brought a core 2 duo or quad coz Pentium 4

king solomon

Today at 07:40:49 am
the surviving Korean PC importers are Multimillionaire. I only know 2 of. them, man they are rich, crazy ass rich, and they are not even 50 years old.

king solomon

Today at 07:39:32 am
the real reality is ZERO majority of sri lankans does not have spare money to buy a creazy ass PC or laptop, which cost more than 50K. and give me a day to day task a Core 2 Duo PC cannot handel. even with a good VGA it can handel Games up to BF4, THE thing is UR in WORRY coz ur not capable of tappi

king solomon

Today at 07:31:21 am
dude it's removed, so no one can see, but i'm still comeing

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Author Topic: e-Sports may happen at 2020 Olympics  (Read 1797 times)

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Re: e-Sports may happen at 2020 Olympics
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2016, 04:31:37 pm »
Won't happen. Olympic is all about physical prowess. Why there is no chess in olympics?. Same goes for e-sports. Anyway IOC will decide what's not to include. We have to wait till they give the decision in august next year.

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