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i need to know too :<


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Anyone know a place to repair external hdd?


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Forum Suggestions/Help / Re: Need help on UPS
« Last post by NaCl on Today at 07:08:45 am »
A 650VA would be sufficient and would last about 10mins
Classifieds / Re: (selling)cooler master g650m power supply
« Last post by stiget on Today at 06:01:42 am »
Is this sold?
Communal Assistance / ebay frauds related to GTX 1070 and 1080 cards
« Last post by csm1o1 on Today at 12:27:10 am »
Hi all

i have jst been a victim of a fraud scene in ebay where sellers list GTX 1070 and 1080 cards for extremely low cost. in my case ebay have notified me after about 1.5 hrs of the transaction. since i have payed via paypal and it was not claimed i was able to dispute and as a result i don't think the person can actually get the money.

the symptoms are

[1] card is extreamly low in price (like 150 USD )
[2] shipping will happen almost immediately after your transaction is done (not possible in actual life  i guess)

if you are not sure just check the price in a site like amazon and if there is a huge gap, do not buy it.
Classifieds / Re: rvz02+450 sfx psu+ g4560 for i5 6500
« Last post by Pornhub on Yesterday at 10:43:37 pm »
Classifieds / Re: RX 480 FOR SALE
« Last post by Pornhub on Yesterday at 10:42:32 pm »
Good luck trying to find a better price. Internationally prices are above 60K
ah podi jai
i thought u sold this
Classifieds / Re: RX 480 FOR SALE
« Last post by Chayan4400 on Yesterday at 10:27:19 pm »
Kinda tempted to add a second 480 to my rig now. I wonder how CF compares to a single Vega, given that I can even find one at a decent price now. What's your best price?
Forum Suggestions/Help / Re: Help getting my laptop repaired.... PLS :)
« Last post by Chayan4400 on Yesterday at 10:23:23 pm »
It's pointless talking to tube lights nothing in their top.

But did not expect u 2 ask this. His NB is already broken so with that if he opens n close it will further get damaged. This is the reason I told him not to do so. Every think depends on how quickly one thinks n takes it.

Ah that makes more sense. Genuinely thought you said not to open and close laptops lol.
Classifieds / Re: [Selling]Aoc 23inch ips monitor
« Last post by Chayan4400 on Yesterday at 10:21:34 pm »
General / Re: WWE 2K15 ගේම් එක සිංලෙන්
« Last post by Droo on Yesterday at 09:19:48 pm »
What a coincidence tho. Watch my video where I played WWE 2k18 last week. haha

Liked your video btw mate
Classifieds / Re: Help Regarding Graphics Card
« Last post by FL4SH on Yesterday at 09:02:01 pm »
Not for a couple of years on a 1080p monitor. The GPU on a 1050Ti will be a bigger bottleneck than the memory on a 1060 3GB.

Let me put it like this. In 2 years your settings will something like this.

1050Ti 4GB - medium/low settings with high textures
1060 3GB - high/ultra settings with medium textures

Either way you're compromising.

your suggestion for the ryzen config is nice.. his total budget is around 95K. could you comment the best fit ryzen rig for the budget? what he had in mind was i5 + cheapest mobo + 4GB + 1tb + decent PSU(400W or 450W) + 1050Ti or a future lineup on same range

Agreed with Zero; however I do recommend not to go below 3GB VRAM; It's a sad time to shop for a decent VGA with a limited budget !  Here's hoping the cryptocurrency bubble will burst soon and stop this ridiculous price hike on VGAs !! >:(

yeah i know.. too bad for the kid!

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