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Title: GCDL Season 12 [February 2018] - Registrations Now Open!
Post by: R_L on January 09, 2018, 07:45:32 pm

Gamer.LK is proud to announce season 12 of the Gamer.LK Clans Dota 2 League (GCDL) tournament, the longest running online league of its kind in Sri Lanka!

GCDL kicks off in February 2018 and is open to all clans in Sri Lanka. Tournament matches will be played entirely online on South East Asia (SEA) servers and matches will be broadcasted live on DOTA 2 TV. GCDL will be a Gamer.LK Ranked Tournament. Taking part in such ranked tournaments would increase a teamís rank, however failure to show up after registration might lead to penalties in rank. Any suspended players or teams will not be allowed to take part in GCDL Season 12.

GCDL Season 12 would follow Gamer.LK Ranked | DOTA 2 Competitive Rules (,29201.0.html) and will be the first major online Sri Lankan Dota 2 tournament to be played on the new patch.

All participants are kindly reminded to make their Steam profiles public during the period of the tournament. The profiles need to be made public from the time of registration since we will be verifying each account being used. This is mandatory for all players, irrespective of skill level or rank.
Registrations are FREE and open from 09 January till 25 January 2018

Format of Play
Double Elimination Format

28 January 2018

Match Commencement
01 February 2018

If you are unable to see the Registration Form below, click here ( for the direct link.