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king solomon

Today at 07:44:53 am
it's about local customers, what i provide for them, it's not about what i write on net. idiot.

what i do here does not represent 1% of my business. ;D

king solomon

Today at 07:43:34 am
with right conditions and servicing a second hand PC can service more than 5 years, even without a swapping a single component. there are lot of them i sold still working even after 5 years, But the the owners take care of them like babies. most of the re  brought a core 2 duo or quad coz Pentium 4

king solomon

Today at 07:40:49 am
the surviving Korean PC importers are Multimillionaire. I only know 2 of. them, man they are rich, crazy ass rich, and they are not even 50 years old.

king solomon

Today at 07:39:32 am
the real reality is ZERO majority of sri lankans does not have spare money to buy a creazy ass PC or laptop, which cost more than 50K. and give me a day to day task a Core 2 Duo PC cannot handel. even with a good VGA it can handel Games up to BF4, THE thing is UR in WORRY coz ur not capable of tappi

king solomon

Today at 07:31:21 am
dude it's removed, so no one can see, but i'm still comeing

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Author Topic: Sri Lanka National eSports Awards 2015  (Read 1505 times)

Sri Lanka National eSports Awards 2015
« on: September 09, 2016, 05:07:48 pm »
The Sri Lanka eSports Association (SLeSA), the governing body for eSports in Sri Lanka, founded by Gamer.LK, consists of senior members from all the major clans in the country. Together with Gamer.LK, they began their award scheme, SLeSA Awards, in 2013 alongside SLCG 13’, and for the first time, Sri Lanka officially recognised the best in e-Sports.

Until then, the top gamers in Sri Lanka competed for bragging rights, but with the introduction of SLeSA Awards, they were officially recognised as the best of the best. The globally recognised ELO Rating system offers a fair calculation method for judging the skill levels of a player.

The system uses five criteria to award points in:
  • Wins in Ranked Tournaments – 50%
  • Organisation – 20%
  • Contribution to eSports – 10%
  • Ethics – 10%
  • Public Poll – 10%
The awards consist of recognition for the best player in each game, as well as awarding Best Clan for the year. The year of its induction, Tech Morph won the Best Clan Award, followed by Phoenix GaminG in 2014. Furthermore, contribution to Sri Lanka eSports is recognised with additional awards such as ‘Best Referee’ and ‘Best Shoutcaster’.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the SLeSA Awards 2015 which was scheduled to be held at SLCG ’15 was postponed.

The final results of SLeSA Awards 2015 are as follows:

Best Clan Rankings
  • Phoenix GaminG
  • n00b Alliance
  • Xiphos eSports
  • Tech Morph
  • Maximum e-Sports
  • Animus e-Sports
  • Wolfgang e-Sports
  • Immortal Inferno Gamers

Best Individual Player Awards
  • Best Call of Duty 4 Player: Navod "nA.Cyanide" Bopitiya
    Charith "Maximum CJ" Jayawardena
    Nithin "Maximum Dark Youth" Lalvani
    Chinthana "nA.Chimpy" Prasad
    Janaka "PnX|Chola" Ekanayake
    Shashika "x3.Axe" Dissanayake
    Patrick "PnX|Pat" Philips
  • Best DOTA 2 Player: Mirsab "PnX|Paradox" Hassan
    Mukshith "TM|Tensa Zengetsu" Ajwath
    Aman "PnX|Armin" Imtiyaz
    Shenal "x3.AB" Daniel
  • Best Mortal Kombat Player: Andre "PnX|Demon" Camillus
    Geeshan "PnX|kucf" Jayaraj
    Mirsab "PnX|Paradox" Hassan
    Dulaj "x3.Stronghold" Gunawardena
  • Best League of Legends Player: Vidanapathira "PnX|Death Falcon" Saminda
    Mohammed "Muja" Mujahid
    Shalendra "TM|Hades" Jayawardea
    Vidanapathira "PnX|Death Falcon" Saminda
    Akthar "TM|Blueakthar" Hafeez
  • Best FIFA Player: Moin "PnX|Moin" Altaf
    Kushan "Maximum Flashbullet" Senanayake
    Wesley "PnX|Westoxic" Mohammed
    Cavin "PnX|Cuztom55" Gnanaraja
    Ijaz "Game Changer" Mafahir
    Akeel "PnX|Venom" Ameerdeen
  • Best Need For Speed Most Wanted Player: Gayan "PnX|M3" Rathnayake
    Shanaka "TM|Shaza" Sampath
    Azwer "PnX|Rider" Razack
    Safwan "PnX|CB" Mansoor
    Rushan "x3.Xain" Hettiarachchi
  • Best Tekken Player: Haroon "PnX|Turbo" Hilmy
    Rishan "PnX|PS3Rishan" Harshana
    Asker "PnX|Striker" Razack
    Mohammad "PnX|Hunk"
  • Best Track Mania Player: Binura "PnX|Binura" de Zoysa
    Dimal "PnX|Grimmjow" Fernando
    Safwan "PnX|CB" Mansoor
  • Best Halo Player: Mayan "PnX|Mayo" Haputhantri
    Sharan "x3.Hobowithskills" Veluathan
    Inouk "PnX|iNuke"  Haputhantri
  • Best Counter Strike: GO Player: Omal "x3.Roach" Prabuddha
    Devon "PnX|Raider" Yanik
    Vinoth "PnX|Nexorr" Purusoth
    Panduka "x3.Reaver" Warnasuriya

Special Awards
  • Best Referee: Nisal "x3. Archangel" Weerakoon
  • Best Shoutcaster: Sashika "nA.T3rror" Mutucumarana

The Sri Lanka eSports Association would like to congratulate Phoenix GaminG for their remarkable performance of winning the Best Clan award as well as securing 8 out of the 10 Individual Player Awards. It is a milestone in local eSports history for an individual clan to achieve such as well. We encourage all gamers to perform to the best of your abilities, and secure your name and your clan among the top ranked in Sri Lankan eSports community. The SLeSA Awards 2016 will be held alongside SLCG 2016.

By: Tia Goonaratna