XFX GTX260 896MB DDR3 VGA Card for 30,000/=
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i have a XFX GTX260 896MB DDR3 VGA card for 30,000/=
with warranty
with original farcry 2 game DVD

you can play all the games in the market in full graphics(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in full graphics)

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Nirmal 077-3131326
Re: XFX GTX260 896MB DDR3 VGA Card for 30,000/=
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*facepalm* Do I have to PM for every duplicate thread you create every single time and you still gonna make more duplicates?

You have posted this "XFX GTX260 for Rs 30,000/=" item already on the forum on January 6th 2010. Please bump that thread without making new ones. Duplicates deleted.

Thank you.

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