Message To GLK Mods.
« on: January 28, 2018, 06:02:14 pm »

Ive been on this site for 6+ Years and am an active part of this community. Its sad that day by day the forums keep degrading. People i meet and talk about keep telling me how shit it has gone to and all i can do is listen. I dont know the exact cause of the problems so apologies.


Look to the left a prime example ---> spammers are flooding the shout box
Obvious scam classifieds are kept up for weeks
Constant phishing links
No moderation
Racist posts pop up from time to time
Main page some sections havent been updated in years( Been a bit better recently)

Please Fix these small issues.
If you are all busy just reach out to trusted members we are glad to help

Re: Message To GLK Mods.
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Old Moderators are barely online and the only thing useful these days are the classifieds which are also slowly degrading day by day.
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Re: Message To GLK Mods.
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Was always wondering if the UI of the site could be changed  ??? Had the same design for quite some time now.
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