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Are any of these headphones good? (Urgent)
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:39:24 pm »
so i already posted a topic asking for a decent headphone for 3.5k but got only 1 suggestion which was a Sennheiser HD201. Asking it again because we are about to go shopping for one real soon. The sennheiser one i guess is a good headphone compared to the list below, but im not sure if we are able to find anyone selling one of these as i think they are somewhat old now. so we had to go looking for other options and found these headphones for the budget. It would be very helpful if anyone can suggest which is the best or maybe suggest something else for the price. this is what we have found:

Alcatroz Alpha MG-300A
Alcatroz Alpha MG370A Stereo Gaming Headset
A4 Tech G300 Combat Gaming
Sony KD20 Wireless Headphone

now that sony, i dont know if that is even legit because i was able to find no details about it online and the only thing that comes when i search it is ads posted by Sri lankans