CoD4 Server Hosting !!! (Scrim/Public)
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Connect Our Public Server For Test :

(default,promod, or your customize mod can be added for free)*


Game Control panel with FTP access
b3 Admin Bots
Additional Advertising Scripts
Mods and Custom Promod Sripts
Backup Services
Rcon Tools
Screenshot Scripts (getss)
24/7 Support

FREE Teamspeak3 Server !

Price list

CoD4 Private Slot 16- Rs500/=
CoD4 Private Slot 24- Rs600/=
CoD4 Private Slot 32- Rs700/=

CoD4 Public Slot 24- Rs1500/=
CoD4 Public Slot 32- Rs1700/= to Rs2000/=

Contact us on Facebook inbox Now !: www.facebook.com/esportts

Join With our Fb group : www.facebook.com/groups/slesports

Contact with us on Teamspeak :

Contact Us Directly on Fb: www.fb.com/sashikasandeepana

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