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The voice before the war – GCDL Final is Here
« on: April 04, 2017, 12:05:16 pm »
The time has come to settle the scores once again in the grandest online battlefield in Sri Lanka. That’s right, all teams have battled and the finest of them all have finally reached the grand finale! However, for the first time ever, it is a battle between two teams from the same clan. The long ruling most feared team, TheKade from Phoenix GaminG faces off against Indomitus from the same clan!

Before the ultimate battle takes place, we asked the two finalists to share their opinion about the big game. This is what they had to say:

For how long has the team been there? Any significant changes over the time?

Our team has been around since the Golden Year – 2011. We were initially just a bunch of friends that loved playing DotA, and then we decided to take a more serious approach to the game we loved, so we began participating in local and online tournaments. Initially our roster consisted of 6 people, and we changed things around depending on other commitments.

Over time, some of our members began to lose interest in the game, and were replaced by newer friends. Our roster has been stable for the past 2 years, however we did make a temporary change to play with [SAGE] Miester for GCDL this year.

Trixterz was formed in October 2015 and we made a significant change in our team structure post acquiring Haneef 'Blizzard' Shiraz and Munthasir 'ToaDBosS' Shiraz. After SLCG we made changes to our roles, where our offlaner ‘InSearchOfJuliet’ switched to position 4 and our mid player ‘SpadeS’ switched to position 3. Blizzard and ToaDBosS took up position 1 and 2 respectively.

We re-named ourselves to Indomitus post the Keero tournament and acquired a new support player Fadhil ‘Darkness’ Ansar (position 5) to replace our previous supporter Nathhar ‘Anonymous’ Hameed as he had to migrate to Australia for an indefinite period and Rimshad ‘Darknight’ Sham had to migrate as well.

How is your team compared to other teams in Sri Lanka?

Currently, I believe we’re the most consistent team in the country. We’ve either won or made it to the finals for every tournament we’ve played since our inception. That being said, there have been quite a few local tournaments that we have not participated in.

We are relatively decent, with most of having a good awareness of the game. Teams in Sri Lanka have improved considerably especially Infinity Gaming, Team Athal Gaming (not sure if this is a long term team), Team Nuke etc. We think we are in the top 10 in Sri Lanka, and we hope to continue improving in order to become one of the best! Our biggest challenge is life. Work, studies, family and other commitment prevent us from practicing as much as we would like to. We only have the weekends, unlike some of the other players out there. But we do practice as a team whenever time permits.

What was different about this season of GCDL?

From an organisational perspective, GCDL has kept on par with its previous iterations – the tournament schedule was well organised, matches ran on time, and the casting was top-notch. However, what did change was that we were not given any walkovers. I hate walkovers – it’s a waste of time for us, especially if it’s a last-minute walkover, and it’s such a defeatist attitude to adopt. Underdog victories happen all the time, and it’s commendable that teams didn’t just hand over a free win to us this tournament!

New players, new patch!

Who are/were your challenging opponents?   

PnX|Indomitus and nA.Infinity were definitely our most challenging opponents, especially the former considering how convincing their victories were!

All our opponents were challenging, although some more than others. I think PnX|TheKade is the toughest opponent in GCDL. Division 9 were quite challenging too.

What is the team’s current roster and formation?

Carry – Heshan ‘SATHAN’ Sanjaya
Mid – Mirsab ‘Paradoxx’ Hassan
Offlane – Viren ‘Hawkie’ Dias
Support – Shariff ‘[SAGE] Miester’ Ghanem
Support – Andre ‘DeMoN’ Camillus
Our roles generally change depending on the draft, but that’s our most likely formation.

Position 1 - Haneef "Blizzard." Shiraz
Position 2 - Munthasir "ToaDBosS" Shiraz
Position 3 - Mohammed "SpadeS" Walid
Position 4 - Mohammed "InsearchOfJuliet" Safraz
Position 5 - Fadhil "Darkness" Ansar

How would you compare your team against your finals opponents?

I think we’re fairly evenly matched. In terms of skill, we have a slight edge thanks to Paradoxx and SATHAN. However, they have the edge in terms of teamwork and preparation. I believe it will all come down to the draft and its execution.

Indomitus are the underdogs compared to TheKade. Some of their players outskill us, but ofcourse we are better than we were last year. It would be a tough game for us, and we intend to put up our best.

Any meta plays/strategies you have in mind for us to look forward to?

OSfrog Le balanced monkey man Osfrog.

We may not try what we tried last time, that is, go for heroes who need time/money to farm up. We will try out more active, least item dependent heroes and see how it pays off. In terms of meta, it seems like we are seeing a few forgotten heroes emerging (e.g. Lina as position 2).

Who do you think would win and why?

Judging by our previous encounter in the upper bracket finals, I believe it’s safe to say that we are favoured to win. But who knows what’ll happen on Tuesday? Whatever the outcome, I hope the series will be entertaining for our viewers, and I wish the best of luck to our opponents!

Being very honest, we think TheKade would win today. Our skill/experience difference is significantly vast and it was quite apparent in our last encounter. But we hope to bridge this soon, with most of our members now focusing on solo queueing.

With honest answers, motivating tactics, and tremendous spirit, the two teams are well-prepared to give a stunning finale! Join in tonight to witness this historic encounter!

By: Binura de Zosysa