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The RLG Calendar Kicks-off with FIFA 17
« on: March 30, 2017, 11:17:33 pm »
The 4th season of Redline Gaming’s annual FIFA tournament, RLG FIFA Championship 2017 was held on March 19th at Crescat Boulevard. Powered by Asus, the tournament opened the doors for all those who walked-in without pre-registrations to take part in a series of rounds that led up to a final bracket. Those who managed to do so were once again given the opportunity to show their skills and walk away victorious with prizes boasting over Rs. 100,000.

With countless number of participants walking in, the venue was filled with enthusiasm and tension arising from the tense encounters with gamers both young and old. New skills and formations of FIFA 17 were well demonstrated through the plays of those who follow the game closely. They proved to the audience that every move they make is not through panic but through pure tactics.

From the immense crowd, 16 stars arose in the final draw. The composition consisted of members representing Sri Lanka’s dominant FIFA playing clans, Phoenix GaminG, Tech Morph, and n00b Alliance as well as new standalone names as well.

Fan favourite, Heat from Phoenix GaminG came to the finals to face against Penaldo from Tech Morph and as expected, it was a very intense and satisfying face-off.

Immediately as the match started Penaldo took the momentum to his hand scoring the first goal. It was followed up by two more goals to have a 3 – 1 score against Heat towards the middle of the game. However, Heat picked up the momentum during the latter part of the match to make a spectacular comeback by scoring 4 more goals to his name. In the end, Heat managed to secure another victory to Phoenix GaminG by defeating Penaldo for a 5 – 3 score!

Winner – PnX|Heat.MSI
Runner-up – TM|Penaldo.Palit
2nd Runner-up – PnX|Dishan.MSI

With amazing comebacks, nail-biting finishes and countless number of breathtaking goals, the 4th season of RLG FIFA Championship 2017 was held successfully to entertain all participants and spectators equally. With more events lined up and already underway, stay tuned to hear more about the ever-lasting Lankan eSports spirit!

By: Binura de Zosysa