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Id like to break the dormancy of this section to announce our team for slcg XD
I have a few comfirmed and a few hopefuls. I am aiming to get 6 players(I think Ive reached that).
Anyway Im just announcing this so less and less awkard questions will be asked in game.
Heres athe member list:

* Onca
* Desert Eagle
* Scooby doo
* Lion
* Killer9
* Im not sure about archer, he is still deciding. But this is our lineup so far :)
Our tag is: [SN1]
and stop askign people, a clan tag doesnt have to do anythign with the clan name :/ (oh and people whove done chemistry would get the reference XD)
This team will only be involved in cod4(primarily SLCG, but you never know ;) and does NOT override any other obligations to clans. This ISNT a clan, its a COD4 TEAM(yes, theres difference).

good luck.. (Y)

Yeah baby! Lets Rock on!


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