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--- Quote ---PARIS--The Barbarian sees, and the Barbarian smashes. The Witch Doctor sees, and usually let's something else do his dirty work. The two character classes shown off during today’s announcement of Diablo III (unveiled during the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Blizzard Invitational in Paris) are a mixture of old and new, and representative of the formula the Blizzard development team seems to be aiming for with the latest installment in its blockbuster action game series.

We'll spend some time recounting our observations of both classes in a bit but, first, we should talk a bit about the trailer that introduced the world to the game for the first time. It started off with your typical dire portents of dread, backed by spooky music, and gorgeous visuals. What stood out to us was the variety in those visuals, and what they could mean for gameplay and story. First, we saw a number of different settings in the trailer--including more than one city setting. In addition, the color palette seemed to be much larger than in previous installments; we noticed a grimy, dusty looking battlefield teeming with soldiers and war machines, as well as at least one night-time landscape, backed by a huge full moon. While still maintaining that grim gothic feel to the game, it seems like the Blizzard artists are getting a full chance to explore a larger visual palette that should give the game some variety.

You can choose your gender and class, but that's it. This game is all about smashing "tons and tons of monsters."

The same impressive look continues on to the actual gameplay. Characters were big richly detailed (especially when wearing more elaborate armor), but nicely scaled to the environments. In other words, the characters are big, but can still easily dwarfed by some of the bigger creatures in the game, as the demo proved with that massive spike-wielding demon at the end. While we thought at first that this was a boss due to its sheer bulk and the complexity of its attacks, it was later confirmed this was just a run-of-the-mill mob, the likes of which you can expect to see on a fairly regular basis. In addition to monsters of various sizes, the enemies in the game will also demonstrate a variety of behaviors. During the demo, we saw the Berserker, a large, mace-wielding monster that’s equal parts strength and bad attitude. During a post-announcement game design panel on Diablo III, we also saw the skeletal shieldbearer, a slow-moving skeleton wielding a huge shield. Often accompanying larger enemies as support, the shieldbearer will be a tough enemy to deal with, as you’ll first have to take out the monster’s shield before attacking it proper. As a result, shieldbearers will be ideal support for enemies who are strictly focused on dealing damage.

With different types of monsters on hand, it's fortunate that the character classes in Diablo III will be just as epically powerful as you remember. The Barbarian is still a melee specialist (though not without his specialized ranged attacks). The Barbarian's skills will be familiar for Diablo II fans--we saw the whirlwind in effect, sweeping through scores of enemies--but he’ll have some other tricks up his sleeves (that is, if he wore sleeves), including the sweep, which can blast multiple enemies around him. During the on-stage demo, the Barbarian managed to take down a stone wall on a group of zombies, pointing to more interactive environments throughout the gameplay. While environments won't be fully destructible, you can look forward to many instances such as this one where you can use the environment to your advantage, with a certain amount of real physics involved in the destruction.

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This is gonna be a rocker...gad 2 see that tey have stuck with the diablo spirit

awesome here r da videos
10 mins each

Diablo 3 Gameplay Video Part 1 *High Quality*

Diablo 3 Gameplay Video Part 2 *High Quality*

Hope it dosnt req. much Graphics & ram.
Tanx 4 da links & the info. (Y)

It looks like a high rez version of WC3. Ah, I hope this game comes out this year! Would be insane if it did.

The full video is available at GT.


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