07/06/2008 GLK Weekend Gaming v0.1 [TMNF]
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Debut session of TMNF kick started at 3pm. It was touch and go at first...players trickeled in one by one, and at one time had a max population of 8 players. The tracks were simple but fun though...it was very competitive b'coz of that. Every one had very close lap times. It was really fun trying to beat the best lap time. 1st place was fiercely competed for...even getting a podium finish was hard work. Later on more tracks were introduced in the form of TMNF ESWC tracks and TMUF tracks. They were much more challenging and made a huge difference in the whole attitude of the game. Server shutdown at around 07.30pm. So, that is it for the newest addition to GLKWG this week. In hopes of pwning you next week, take care and keep those stadium cars rolling.


to name a few who joined the fun

Podiman | Dilina-Amaruwan | Ruzek |
Fata1ity | [DC] Exclaimer | Mafia Killer |
Rav  | Ba3l | Lion | S3ntinel |

pls bare with me if i haven't mentioned your name in here.,
here are a few screenies., some of the best screenies were lost due to unavoidable circumstances
sorry about that., next time will make sure we get a full gallery!  (Y)


- special thanks goes to Dilina & Podiman for the screenies
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Re: 07/06/2008 GLK Weekend Gaming v0.1 [TMNF]
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had fun that day! I had a hard time getting a podium finish cuz there were much more talented people playing.. and i learnt a little from them.. Hope there will be much more people coming this Saturday... Rameez nice writeup..
Re: 07/06/2008 GLK Weekend Gaming v0.1 [TMNF]
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errr played this game for the first time it was fun and im not soo bad at driving after all :P !
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