Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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Watch Phone M800

The device itself measures 62(L)x43(W)x17(H) mm, very small and thin for a mobile phone and light too, around 60 grams, almost 70 grams if you also weigh the wrist band. It has a 260 k color, 1.3” TFT touchscreen. On the left side, there are three buttons, the bottom is for menu and the rest are customizable shorcuts, the defaults are for alarm and text inbox menu.

The right side has two buttons and one mini usb port for charging and data cable. The two buttons are calling and ending/right soft menu buttons. You will find the super mini stylus on the upper part of the wrist band. The M800 is designed as a watchphone, hence the speaker is located at the bottom and the mic is at the left side of the screen (imagine you are wearing a watch on your left hand, and then you put your watch on your ear, the mic will be placed facing your mouth and the speaker next to your ear hole).

On the back you can find the sim card slot as well as the battery slot. You need to slide the battery into the slot then lock the latch to make sure it wont fell off.

Features & Menu

For a small phone, M800 has many features including bluetooth, GPRS, MMS, WAP 2.0, internal memory 128 MB, MP3/MP4 player, flight mode, A2DP bluetooth profile and a touchscreen.
We should also note that M800 can be used as a storage device and GPRS modem plug and play using the data cable. It also charges when connected to a laptop. Nothing much can be expected for such a small phone, it only have standard features, it’s enough as long as you can talk and text with it.

The menu is very simple, in the standby mode, you can view the clock, right and left soft menu at the bottom and the call menu shortcut in the middle bottom. On the top, you can view the indicators, such as signal indicator, sound indicator, phone lock indicator, new text indicator and also a battery indicator. The main menu is graphical, but the submenu consist of list of more submenus.

How do I text and make a call?

This question is always asked by everyone who noticed the watchphone. The answer is actuallly simple. For text messaging, you can use the stylus to scribbler the alphabets or type in using the mini virtual keyboard. It will be though at first to use the virtual keyboard but once you get used to it, it is actually pretty easy. The speed in text messaging is above average as a touchscreen device.

To make a call, first you need to tab the call menu in the standby mode, then you can tab in the digits or tab the phonebook. Alternatively, you can directly go to the phonebook using the right soft button in the standby mode. The call quality is perfect for the owner of the M800. Also using the bluetooth headset you can make or receive phonecalls.

Before we conclude on this watchphone, we should also note that the phone can produce superb stereo sound and a high quality movie playback. We were so surprised that the quality of the movie playback is actually high compared to other mobile phones in the market.


For a standard usage, the phone lasts for 2 days, it comes with two batteries, so if you use both it will lasts for 4-5 days. The A2DP music is awesome. At the price ranging from USD 230-260, the M800 itself only has the features of a standard mobile phone at price comparable to many mobile phones, however the price margin is understandable due to the fact that the phone comes in a very small size and can be wear as a watch.

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Re: Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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its cool .... oh yaa ....  8)
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Re: Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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kinda look like old G-shock model :D
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Re: Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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ohh kool cn take this for exams.. nd store all the notes in it!! awessumm!!!!

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Re: Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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Damn this is awesome guys... Way too handy for a phone!!! :D

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Re: Watch mobile phone, Mobile phone in your hand
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now available at MC

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