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Re: Hamachi
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Can nybdy tel me how to play COD4 on this Hamachi networks..?
I c ppl connected to it when on a network [rmz-cod4] But dnt know how to join with dem..
PLS help..im new..
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Re: Hamachi
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We don't play on hamachi no more. It's mostly direct IP's now. Wait till tomorrow for the LCGZ server, then it's just start COD4 and connect <IP address>.
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k machan .i playd @ LCGZ..
bt didnt had a server to play after it went offline. :( .i thought hamachi is populer among players.
nyway thanx mchan  (Y) (Y)
Budu Ammmmmmmmmooooow!!!
Re: Hamachi
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 after connecting to gamerlk7 or watever in hamachi  huw do u play it ? :\

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Re: Hamachi
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use garena dont use hamachi full of hackers :)

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Re: Hamachi
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lol, so you are Mr.Godlike after all.

@sona: Dirk also used to host when the lcgz server was down. What's your Xfire ID?
Re: Hamachi
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Lolz man. Mr.godlikeX is a respected leaves :P Kiddin... But wen he gets annoyed he leaves... :S

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Re: Hamachi
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PLZ GUYS DN'T USE HAMACHI USE WIPPIEN http://www.wippien.com/


For all of you who are tired of hamachi's commercial face and the fact that it's all closed source, limited to 16 users, needs a lot of relaying, are depending on their mediator server...

Try Wippien, it's free software which does exactly the same, establish real peer-to-peer VPN tunnels using a mediator (which you can run yourself freely! with your own settings and IP range/subnet).
The VPN is built with OpenVPN netcode so for that matter it's opensource.
The peer-list/contactlist is based on another opensource standard, XMPP/Jabber protocol, so there are no longer unknown strangers in your network. (though the network idea is still being worked on as an option)

I've established vpn with peers that were unreachable using hamachi.

Currently it's being developed very fast, i see this application becoming the next hamachi!

Wippien is a VPN tool, much more then an instant messenger, too bad a lot of people mistake wippien for "just another im programm" and leave it at that. its not an instant messenger, just as hamachi is not, it supports chatting with peers though...

btw: you can change the ugly default GUI into a nice one with the settings menu; show/hide all sorts of details and smileys and unusefull stuff    :P :P :P :P :P
Re: Hamachi
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i need someone to play cs online.
name :dhanuka
pass : 123